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As technologies and services in our society become more competitive, the deciding factor is how well organizations develop their most valuable asset: their people. Human resource development is quite challenging particularly in today's work environment. Traditional training may not keep pace. Facilitated mentoring helps you to turn your most experienced and valuable personnel into a training cadre that can share their areas of expertise using a mentoring process that is tailored to the organization's specific needs.

The Training Connection, Inc. Capabilities:
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The Training Connection, Inc. (TTC) is a training and development firm committed to helping organizations achieve high performance in today's changing and often chaotic environment.

Founded by Kathy Wentworth Drahosz, TTC is the outgrowth of her experience in human resource development and consultation. She began with a vision of helping organizations mentor and develop their people. To attain her vision, she placed great importance on strengthening the connection between employee development and organizational effectiveness.

Kathy's philosophy is simple, "Everyone has something to contribute and something to learn." Her mentoring approach capitalizes on the experiences of successful individuals who are committed to developing future leaders. Although having access to a mentor does not guarantee promotion, having the wise counsel and advice of an experienced colleague can help younger or less experienced workers move ahead, learn how to handle various situations and avoid some of the pitfalls that can derail a career or delay a promotion.

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In 1999, Dynamic Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (DES) and The Training Connection, Inc. combined their collective expertise to develop The Mentoring Connection. The end result of the partnership was the creation of an online tool to manage professional mentoring programs.

DES integrates emerging computer technologies with custom applications and system software to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective turnkey solutions. DES provides the analysis and implementation services which serve as the "pathway" between project conception and operational reality.

Owned by three principal partners; Randolph Plasse, Christopher Orsini, and Kevin Whittaker, DES' executive team has over 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of IT solutions.

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The Training Connection, Inc. and Dynamic Enterprise Solutions, Inc. has provided on-line mentoring solutions for the following private, government and non-profit organizations:

Education & Health
Department of Education
Department of Veterans Affairs
Food and Drug Administration
Veterans Benefits Administration
Veterans Health Administration

Environment & Energy

Department of Energy
Environmental Protection Agency
Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
US Forest Service

Foreign Affairs

Department of State


BAE Systems
Eagle Alliance and Technology Corporation
Northrop Grumman

National Security
Defense Intelligence Agency
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Department of Homeland Security
Marine Corps Intelligence Agency
US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command


American Society of Clinical Oncology
Women in Wind Energy

Other Departments

Department of Commerce
Department of Labor
Government Printing Office
General Services Administration
Library of Congress
South Dakota Department of Transportation

Space & Technology

NASA Glenn Space Center
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Headquarters
NASA Stennis Space Center

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The Mentoring Connection (TMC) is a web-based delivery system developed to offer business, government and non-profit organizations a comprehensive, effective and efficient means of establishing and operating formal mentoring programs and partnerships.

Through the use of sophisticated data management tools, TMC can streamline administrative and processing operations while maintaining the personal aspects so critical to effective mentoring programs. The Mentoring Connection helps reduce hands-on administration and processing and can provide significant savings in staff costs.

Mentoring Programs without the Hassle

Whether you have an established mentoring program, or are just launching a new one, The Mentoring Connection can offer the following enhancements to your program:

  • Quicker implementation of a formalized mentoring program.
    Mentors and mentorees apply to the mentoring program on-line by completing an application form that includes a biographical profile. TMC collects this important data to make selections, facilitate future matches and track the relationship after these matches have been made.
  • Easier, more effective matching of mentors and mentorees.
    The success of a formal mentoring program is dependent upon a carefully orchestrated selection and matching process. There are a variety of ways to match participants. These methods range from formal matches by an outside committee/task force to a more informal one that encompasses one's own mentoring philosophy. TMC assists organizations in matching mentors with mentorees by collecting vital information and then employing a dynamic scoring system to match mentorees with an appropriate mentor. Every effort is made to match mentorees with someone who can best support their developmental needs.
  • Insightful self and 360 multi-rater feedback.
    Most mentoring programs begin with developmental feedback. Confidential self and multi-rater feedback provides employees an opportunity to target developmental needs and goals and in turn develop effective learning plans. TMC supports two popular assessment tools: The Success Triangle (a multi-rater feedback system) and TTI Success Insights® (a DISC self assessment).
  • Less hands-on administration and processing.
    An on-line Mentoring Action Plan and Mentoring Agreement provide a roadmap for keeping partnerships on track and on target. The plans are based on an individual assessment of the mentorees' needs and are supported by adequate resources and an active mentoring partnership. Program coordinators can use this feature to forecast funding requirements as well as analyze the collective training needs of the mentoring group.
  • Communication with program coordinators and other participants.
    An on-line forum for mentors, mentorees and program coordinators provides them the tool to stay connected through a threaded discussion style bulletin board.
  • Efficient online scheduling of mentoring activities.
    An on-line calendar of events provides the program coordinators an opportunity to post upcoming events and developmental opportunities.
  • Program evaluations that keep you on top of progress and problems.
    Continual evaluation of the development process is an integral part of a successful mentoring program. Consistent monitoring will ensure that pro-active adjustments are made to the program design to facilitate further success. Therefore, there are two critical checkpoints: six months after the program begins and at the conclusion. TMC provides an on-line evaluation process that collects information that clearly determines what aspects of the program are successful and what areas could benefit from a mid-course correction or adjustment.
  • More efficient collection and storage of data and resource materials.
    TMC offers an on-line newsletter highlighting mentoring success stories and lessons learned. In addition, TMC has a Library where the Program Coordinator can post Articles, Workbooks, PowerPoint Presentations and other key resource materials that offer mentoring tips and techniques.
  • Accessible, secure and complete privacy for all information.
    TMC provides the infrastructure, including hardware, software, data-encryption certification through Verisign (to protect personal information). TMC has been verified to meet all U.S. Section 508 guidelines.

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