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An effective, formalized mentoring program requires strong administration.  From collecting data on potential participants to providing coordination and evaluation of partnerships, the administrative workload can be time consuming. 
The Mentoring Connection (TMC) offers an innovative, online, secure system that not only makes establishing a mentoring program easier and quicker, but drastically reduces the staff resources necessary to effectively facilitate the process. Here is what you will have available.
  • online collection of mentor/mentoree data
  • online matching of mentors and mentorees
  • online development of Mentoring Action Plans
  • online scheduling of mentoring activities
  • online 360 degree feedback
  • online instant access to a wide range of training materials
  • online status and management reports
  • online library
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Successful mentoring programs require more than efficient administration.  Participants need access to materials, new ideas, and planned and meaningful evaluations. And through The Mentoring Connection, access to all this and more will be possible. 
  • The availability of The Training Connection's specialized training material online.
  • An online forum allowing mentors, mentorees, and program coordinators to stay connected.
  • Confidential distribution, collection, tracking and reporting of 360 Degree feedback.
  • Monthly discussion guides to stimulate and encourage participants.
  • Regular, meaningful evaluations that illustrate what is working and what needs improvement.
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Whether you already have an established mentoring program, or are just considering launching one, TMC offers solutions that can make your program more efficient, more effective and less costly. TMC features include;
  • quicker implementation of a formalized mentoring program.
  • reduced hands-on administration and processing.
  • access to a broad range of effective training materials.
  • efficient online scheduling of mentoring activities.
  • enhanced communication with program coordinators and participants.
  • easier, more effective matching of mentors and mentorees.
  • secure, complete privacy for all information.
  • program evaluations that keep you on top of progress and problems.
  • more efficient collection of data by utilizing an easy-to-use data management system.
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The Mentoring Connection is offered as an annual contract.  Your participation provides access to all aspects of TMC resources and services.
A representative of The Training Connection will be glad to provide specific costs for your organization. You will be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective this program can be.

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Please contact me today for more information and a cost quote for your organization.
Kathy Wentworth Drahosz, President

The Training Connection, Inc.
Phone:  703-680-3784
Email:  sales@mentoringconnection.com

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