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The Mentoring Connection Features

Application Process
Matching Process
Mentoring Action Plans
Discussion Forum
Calendar of Events
Program Evaluations
Group Messaging System
Web Site Infrastructure


The Mentoring Connection (TMC) is an innovative web-based program designed to help manage the logistics of your mentoring programs and partnerships. TMC offers you the opportunity to:
  • Apply to the mentoring program on-line.
  • Keep track of upcoming mentoring activities and training events.
  • Suggest potential mentoring matches and much, much more!

Application Process Top of Page

Mentors and mentorees apply to the mentoring program on-line by completing an application form which includes a biographical profile. TMC collects this important data to make selections, facilitate future matches and to track the relationship after matches have been made.

Matching Process Top of Page

The success of a formal mentoring program is dependent upon a carefully orchestrated selection and matching process. There are a variety of ways to match participants. These methods range from formal matches by an outside committee/task force to a more informal one that encompasses one's own mentoring philosophy. TMC assists organizations in matching mentors with mentorees by collecting vital information and then employing a dynamic matching system to match mentorees with an appropriate mentor.  Every effort is made to match mentorees with someone who can best support their developmental needs.

Mentoring Action Plans (MAP) Top of Page

Effective mentoring programs expose employees to a variety of conditions that foster learning from other people, learning by doing and learning from challenging experiences.  A Mentoring Action Plan provides a roadmap for keeping the partnership on track and on target.  The plans are based on an individual assessment of the mentorees’ needs and are supported by adequate resources in an active mentoring partnership.  Program coordinators will use this feature to forecast funding requirements as well as analyze the collective training needs of the mentoring group. 

Discussion Forum Top of Page

An on-line forum for mentors, mentorees and program coordinators to stay connected through a threaded discussion style bulletin board. 

Calendar of EventsTop of Page

An on-line calendar of events provides the program coordinator an opportunity to post upcoming events and developmental opportunities.

Program Evaluations Top of Page

Continual evaluation of the development process is an integral part of a successful mentoring program. Consistent monitoring will ensure that pro-active adjustments are made to the program design to facilitate further success. Therefore, there are two critical checkpoints: six months after the program begins and at the conclusion.  TMC provides an on-line evaluation process that collects information to clearly determine what aspects of the program are successful and what areas could benefit from a mid-course correction or adjustment.

Library Top of Page

A Library where the Program Coordinator can post Articles, Workbooks, Newsletters, Powerpoint Presentations and other key resource materials that offer mentoring tips and techniques.

Newsletters Top of Page

TMC will offer monthly Newsletters designed to give the partnership a quick energy boost and offers targeted solutions for specific work/life issues. 

Group Messaging System Top of Page

A built in group messaging system allows the Program Administrator an opportunity to communicate to all active partners automatically. TMC's group messaging tool can send e-mails to all participants in the mentoring program or sort by a certain group or demographic (i.e. mentors only, mentorees only, supervisors only, participants within a specific location, etc.)

Web Site Infrastructure Top of Page

TMC provides the infrastructure, including hardware, software, data-encryption certification through Verisign (to protect personal information), and high-speed connectivity. TMC website was verified to meet the U.S. Section 508 guidelines.

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